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Adventurer by name, adventurous by nature. Our Adventurer tours are for those of you who love to take the path less beaten, to explore beneath the skin of a country and to find those magical moments of authenticity. To hear stories from those who live the wonderful cultures of this planet and to photograph real life, as we find it, wherever that may be.

What to Expect

Where you get to sleep during our ‘Adventurer’ trips is an adventure in itself! Our selected accommodation ensures we keep our travellers rooted in the region’s people and culture, providing a unique local experience guaranteeing you start each day with a smile. You’ll stay in a combination of guesthouses, intimate home-stays and the occasional small hotel. This means you get a roof over your head and a comfortable bed whilst still experiencing local life first hand.
Being keen for adventure we guess many of you will be embarking on this mission alone. Intrepid Exposures was designed from the ground up to minimise the hassle and expense of travelling solo,with the guarantee of amazing company! Unlike the majority of other travel companies we charge  the same price to come alone as it would be to come as a group, we believe your independence shouldn’t cost you any extra .
Our Adventurer trips give you ample opportunity to travel in style; its not only about getting from A to B, its how we do it! We use mostly private transport during these trips, but this doesn’t mean you’ll be travelling everywhere by taxi or minibus. Part of the adventure is reaching our destinations using the most exciting means possible. Depending on your location this could include travelling by Tuk-Tuk, horse-back, boat or rickshaw… the options are endless!

Travel Highlights

The best way to embark on your adventure is to be guided by someone with invaluable local knowledge. They know every unexplored corner of the area and most importantly where to find the best local cuisine! Our guides will teach you the local history and culture through stories you could never learn in a guidebook. The passion our leaders have for showing you around is what makes an Intrepid Exposures trip so special, you’ll have someone there to help you every step of the way.
A sense of adventure and exploration is what drives us, so we want our unique itineraries to reflect this. When we say unique we mean it, we want our journeys to be something like no other, a true voyage off the beaten track. This means diverting away from the well-trodden tourist paths to find new and exciting places. Finding them often entails an adventure in itself, as main roads often won’t lead us there. We may have to set out on a small hike or even take a boat to find these lesser known locations but trust us it’s definitely worth it!
There’s a certain beauty to being in an isolated location whilst practising your craft. We want you to uncover the rural heart of the countries that we visit, not just make copies of the images commonly associated with them. This is why we pride ourselves on our ‘hidden gems’, our extensive list of incredible places to visit without other tourists. This allows you to enjoy the serenity of the location and capture its magic instead of fighting for a spot to take your photograph.

Discover our featured Adventurer tours


13 Days

Fully Booked

08 Oct - 20 Oct 2018

Rural Romania Photo Tour

‒ led by Mihnea Turcu

13-day adventure through the historic, authentic and beautiful country of Romania. Explore rural Romania and experience the incredible warmth of the people.

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10 Days


01 Sep - 10 Sep 2018

Portugal Photo Adventure Tour

‒ led by Emanuele Siracusa

10-day adventure through the traditional communities of rural Portugal. Capture spectacular images of local shermen, herders and stunning rural landscapes.

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13 Days

Fully Booked

20 Feb - 04 Mar 2018

Philippines Explorer Photo Adventure Tour

‒ led by Jacob Maentz

13-day Philippines adventure full of vibrant cultural experiences and breathtaking beauty exploring the indigenous communities in Bohol, Ifugao and Kalinga

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