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Explorer Tours

The perfect way to capture the hustle and bustle of city life. This isn’t just a chance for you to visit a new city, it’s the opportunity to live and breathe it. You’ll discover unique locations that wouldn’t be possible without our local guides and expert knowledge. Delve into local neighbourhoods, sample authentic cuisine and experience life beyond the tourist hub.

What to Expect

You can expect the accommodation for explorer trips to be either a comfortable hotel, guesthouses or apartment, the perfect way to experience local life without having to ‘rough it’. Being city-based you will be in reach of everything you may need so you can feel at ease throughout the duration of your stay, however far from home.
Intrepid Exposures was designed from the ground up to minimise the hassle and expense of travelling solo,with the guarantee of amazing company! Unlike the majority of other travel companies we charge the same price to come alone as it would be to come as a group, we believe your independence shouldn’t cost you any extra .
We use a range of public and private transport to explore the cities providing another great opportunity to experience local life. Depending on your location this ranges from the familiar public buses and tube systems, to the ubiquitous rickshaws, Tuk-tuks and long-tailed boats! No matter how we get there, it's all about minimising our environmental impact and making getting around part of the adventure.

Travel Highlights

The best way to feel connected to a city is to share it with someone who has grown up there and is passionate about it. Our guides will teach you the local history and culture through stories you could never learn in a guidebook. Not only are they incredible teachers, who better to explore with than the locals themselves? They know every nook and cranny of the city and most importantly where to find the best local cuisine! The passion our leaders have for showing you around is what makes an Intrepid Exposures trip so special, you’ll have someone there to help you every step of the way.
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There are always two sides to every city, where the tourists stay and where the locals live. Our guides steer you away from the tourist trail into the hearts of their neighbourhoods for some in-depth exploration! These vibrant places full of life and rich in culture are every photographer’s dream.
One of the most exciting parts of visiting a new country is getting to grips with the local cuisine. As we truly understand the importance of food, we’ve made sure you get ample opportunity to try all the legendary local dishes in all the best places. Whether it’s eating from a local street-vendor, experimenting at food markets or a sit down meal, you’ll sample the best authentic food in town. We cover all the costs so when it comes to meals it’s time for you to relax and enjoy, trust us you won’t be disappointed!

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Photo trip in Bulgaria


10 Days

Next Tour: 11 Sep - 20 Sep 2020

Bulgaria Autumn Photography Tour in the Remote Mountain Villages

‒ led by Iordan Hristov

Join us in this adventurous Bulgaria photo tour in the fairy-like, remote mountain villages of Bulgaria.

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Kyrgyzstan photography adventure


11 Days

Next Tour: 14 Aug - 24 Aug 2020

Kyrgyzstan Photography Tour | Kyrgyz Nomads, Eagle Hunters and the Cossacks of Karakol | Aug 2020

‒ led by Cynthia Bil

Join us in a unique Kyrgyzstan photography tour where you will discover the daily yurt life of semi-nomadic tribes and breathtaking remote landscapes!

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Greece photo tour


11 Days

Next Tour: 28 Aug - 07 Sep 2020

The Hidden Gems of Non-Touristic Greece

‒ led by Georgios Makkas

Be the first to sign up for this inspiring Greece photography tour where you will get the authentic Greek experience and discover the hidden gems of Greece

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